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find out the temperature that makes alarms disappear in your area – Generic English

Entre los 41.4°C in Cordoba and you lose 26.4°C in Asturias If this year in both provinces there is a difference of 15°C, without embargo, when this temperature increases, an implementation protocol will be activated to prevent the possible effects that high temperatures can have on the population.

Thus the Ministry of Health activated the pasado jueves el llamado National preventive action plan for the effects of excessive temperatures on health, in the way in which the zones and levels in which it will be necessary to activate the health risk alarm at high temperatures are established. This shade was established based on a statistically significant relationship between mortality and heat.

In the following map it is possible to observe the degrees that must be achieved, from province to province, for the protocol to be active, as well as the medical location:

The plan will be in effect until next September 30thbut if necessary, you could extend it until then October 15th. One of the priority actions is to alert the health authorities and the city with sufficient communication of possible risk situations. For him, the Ministry of Health will facilitate daily to the CCAA the maximum temperature forecasts developed by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), as well as the levels of health risk related to high temperatures.

The objective of the same is reduce the impact on health of the population in high temperatures, especially in groups at risk or more vulnerable, such as the elderly, pregnant women, fewer people and people with chronic diseases, as well as in those collectives who give up their work or carry out efforts outdoors air.

Every day the Ministry of Health establishes a daily risk level for each territorial area based on the difference between the temperatures predicted by AEMET for that day and for the following two days and the intensity of the healthy impact temperature.

There are four levels of risk: level 0 (green), no risk; level 1 (amarillo), low; level 2 (naranja), medium risk and level 3 (red), high risk. In function of the mismos, Sanità and CCAA toman medidas de communication and prevention of risk.

Tips against the heat

To minimize the harm that people could suffer, the Ministry of Health insists on a advice decal general. First of all, the department reminds you that it is necessary to drink water or liquids frequently, even if you don’t feel like it, and regardless of the physical activity you carry out. In this sense it is advisable to avoid drinks containing caffeine, alcohol or a lot of sugar, as they can promote dehydration.

Asymism, although anyone can suffer from a heat-related problem if they are careful particular attention to children, girls, embarrassed or breastfeeding womenas well as people mayors or people with illnesses that can worsen in the heat (such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, conditions that impede movement, dementia and other mental illnesses, as well as drug or alcohol abuse). We also recommend staying as long as possible frescoed, shaded or air-conditioned, and cool places.

Also, here’s what to take reduce physical activity and avoid playing outdoor sports in the central hours of the day; use light, loose clothing that needs to breathe; never lose a single person in a parked and locked vehicle (especially people younger than adults, mayors or people with chronic illnesses); consult a medical specialist before symptoms last more than an hour and may be related to high temperatures.

For the last one I recommend you store medicines in a cool place, so heat can alter the composition and effects; and make light suggestions that help you replace sales lost through sweat (salads, fruits, vegetables, juices, etc.).